15 Impressive Victorian House Designs That Abound With Elegance

Victorian architecture came after Georgian architecture, and after coming to power of Queen Victoria. What is typical for Victorian architecture are flowers and lace motifs that are found in the interior and exterior.
Interestingly, the Victorian is not mentioned only when it comes to architecture, but when it comes to social, economic and technical development of the United Kingdom.

The same was even with the clothes, because Queen Victoria has loved the lace. Buildings that were built in the Victorian style are imbued with elegance, no matter what the material is. Victorian architecture and includes wood as a material, and emphasis is placed on the carving, which abounds with lace and flowers the most.

If you want elegant house with with amazing architecture that everyone will notice and probably the most of the people will love, then this style is just for you. If you are planning new or renovating your old house, you need to check out this option also. If you need a doze of inspiration, you will find it at the images bellow. See our amazing proposals, and choose your favorite Victorian dream home!


Image via Margot Hartford


Image via Rikki Snyder


Image via Peter Vanderwarker


Image via Aaron Usher Photography


Image via Dennis Mayer


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