15 Impressive Modern Porch Designs Your Modern Home Needs Right Now

The contemporary porch designs that we had shown you in our recent collection of 15 Striking Contemporary Porch Designs To Increase Your Curb Appeal are a good example of how a traditional feature such as the porch can be made to look great on a contemporary home that has nothing in common with the traditional such as the rustic porch designs that you saw in our previous collection of 18 Spectacular Rustic Porch Designs Every Rustic House Needs To Have.
But if you are the owner of a modern home then you probably know the struggle of finding a modern porch design that will fit your home’s exterior design without making it look more traditional or taking away some cool features the modern homes have.

For that reason, we are going to help you with your search of the perfect modern porch design in our latest outdoors design collection of 15 Impressive Modern Porch Designs Your Modern Home Needs Right Now. 
In this collection, you are going to notice that most of these porch designs are pretty different from what would be considered a traditional porch. Most of them aren’t even in front of the entrance of the homes, they are rather overlooking the courtyard or backyard with good modern patio sets. Enjoy!

Wine Country Modern Porch

Stunning minimalist modern porch design

Screen Porch Addition

Modern Porch

GRIFFIN ENRIGHT ARCHITECTS: Mandeville Canyon Residence



Cove House

Lake House Two



Modern Porch with a stunning view

Seaside Residence

Private Residence, Miromar Lakes

Grace Design Associates

Rollingwood – Nick Deaver Architects


Espasso’s Spaces


Architectural Joinery – by Allkind Joinery


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