15 Impressive DIY Projects To Repurpose Your Old Windows

One of the first things that you need to replace when doing a complete overhaul of your home are the windows. They are very important for heat retention, soundproofing and of course, looks. But once you’ve found the replacement windows, what do you do with the old ones? You can’t just throw them out, it would be such a waste. As always, crafting comes to the rescue. Old window frames might be the last thing you could think about in terms of crafting supplies, but it turns out they are a very viable choice.

Welcome to our latest collection of DIY ideas in which we’ve featured 15 Impressive DIY Projects To Repurpose Your Old Windows. Take a look at the following projects to discover plenty of awesome DIY ideas that can help you get rid of your old windows in a way that will give you some awesome stuff to use around the home. We’ve made sure to link the respective tutorials so you won’t have any trouble completing these crafts. Enjoy!

1. Chalkboard Window

2. Mini Greenhouse

3. Artwork Backdrop

4. Quick And Easy Bathroom Mirror

5. DIY Moveable Window Wall

6. DIY Chalkboard Window Calendar

7. Cheap Jewelry Organizer

8. DIY Window Corkboard

9. Family Command Center

10. DIY Fence Design

11. Family Frame Keepsakes

12. DIY Easy Window Table

13. Porch Divider

14. Fairy Garden

15. DIY Pot Rack


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