15 Ideas of How to Recycle Plastic Straws

What can we do with plastic straws after use? For example, fast food chains give out more than 50 million meals per year that contribute greatly to a landfill full of straws. The good news is that these straws can be reused towards art and craft projects! They are generally made from polypropylene or polyethylene, which is a recyclable material and you can easily make a lot of interesting objects such as lamps or decorative items. If you don’t want to put them in the recycle bin, be creative in how you want your structure to look!  It’s okay to freehand your design to see what may come out of your structure. To connect, squeeze the end of the straw and slide it through the end of another. Flex the straws at their bendable section to shape and mold the straws into loops, twists and turns.

Enjoy our gallery and try to make something similar at home!

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