15 Great DIY Storage & Organization Ideas That Will Beautify Your Pantry

The pantry can do a lot of things for you. First of all, it is going to give you a place to store all of the necessary supplies for your kitchen including cooking supplies, snacks and other food and drinks. But none of that is going to be particularly useful unless the items in your pantry are properly stored and organized. Don’t let that worry you though. I am not suggesting a total renovation of the kitchen or the pantry itself. There is no need for construction work. Only some small and easy to do DIY storage & organization projects that you can make on your own, for a very small cost, if any.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we’ve featured 15 Great DIY Storage & Organization Ideas That Will Beautify Your Pantry. All of the projects that we’ve compiled in this list are aimed at helping you improve the storage potential of your pantry which will drastically increase the level of organization. This way you will always be able to find exactly what you’re looking for but also have a much easier time to make a list of what you’ve ran out of. Take a look at them below and if you decide to craft any of these projects, we’ve included their respective tutorial links. Enjoy!

1. Magazine Racks To Organize Canned Goods

2. Rotating Canned Food System Shelves

3. Create Adjustable Shelves

4. DIY Door Spice Rack

5. Create A Chalkboard Measuring Cabinet

6. Cutting Board Storage

7. Small Pantry Organization

8. DIY Organized Pots And Pans Drawe

9. Pantry Between The Studs

10. How To Store Foil And Plastic Wrap

11. Have A Rack Installed In Your Pantry Door

12. Designate A Baking Zone

13. Use Multi Purpose Bins

14. Wire Shelving Organization

15. Organize Pantry With IKEA Food Storage Containers


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