15 Great DIY Recycling Bin Ideas That Will Improve Your Recycling Habits

Now that everyone is staying at home for extended periods of time, it is more likely to generate much more trash than usual. But if you’ve already developed recycling habits, you’ll know that a lot of the stuff that most people throw together in their trash can is recyclable. If you still aren’t into the whole recycling thing, then now is the best time to start. You can do your part in keeping the environment clean. And the reason for this article? Well, of course it is DIY. We want you to get started with recycling, by upcycling household items into a DIY recycling bin that will organize your trash.

Welcome to our latest collection of DIY projects in which we’ve showcased 15 Great DIY Recycling Bin Ideas That Will Improve Your Recycling Habits. Making these DIY ideas is a great way to get into crafting and recycling at the same time and hopefully, it will help you develop some stronger recycling habits. So, if you feel like going for any of these projects, we’ve included their tutorials so you’re all set. Happy recycling!

1. Organize your recycling in recycled hanging bins

2. DIY Pantry Recycling Center Makeover

3. Double Bin Trash and Recycling Bin

4. Quick And Easy DIY Recycling Bin

5. Repurposed Filing Cabinet Recycling Bin

6. DIY Hidden Recycling Station

7. IKEA Cupboard Recycling Center Hack

8. Outdoor Recycle Bin Upcycle


10. Use a DIY laundry basket corner as stacking recycle containers

11. Garage Recycle Bin Hangers

12. Make a Wood Pallet Recycle Bin

13. Easy D.I.Y. Home Recycling Center

14. Organize your recycling in metal bins

15. Stylish Recycling


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