15 Glamorous Staircase Designs That Will Fascinate You

Speaking of stairs, most architects adhere to fundamental principles where security and stability are primarily, before the aesthetics. Others strive to have both, and in some cases their creations become the focal point in a room – more like an art installation, than a functional architectural element. Stairs nowadays, exceed the basic look. They can be designed in a spiral, various irregularly shaped staircase of glass, that seemed to float in the air, staircase to delay seating etc.

If soon you plan to renovate the house or to raise another floor of your home, then these interesting designs for stairs can be a great inspiration for you. Here you will find a variety of designs that suit any style of the home, from modern to classic and practical. The stairs are an important part of the home, which many leave last for editing. Given that their design many left at the end and do at the last minute, we offer modern you and glamourous solutions which sure will brighten the home. Check it out, you might find something that would fit great in your home!


Image via Jason Hartog Photography


Image via Miller + Miller Architectural Photography


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