15 Fun DIY Projects You Can Make With Excess Plastic Bags

Everyday we stow away a bunch of plastic bags only to never use most of those again and then when the time comes to tidy up the kitchen or the storage room, most of these simply get thrown out. But is there really nothing else that you can do with these plastic bags? Well, of course there is. There are tons of DIY projects that are going to help you get rid of your excess plastic bags by turning them into something cool, or useful, or maybe even both.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY ideas in which we are going to show you 15 Fun DIY Projects You Can Make With Excess Plastic Bags. Have a look at the following projects and you will discover plenty of awesome ideas that you will want to try out right away. Well, lucky you! All of these DIY projects are coupled with detailed step by step instructions so you will have no issues to complete them. Enjoy!

1. Plastic Bag Planter Cover

2. Basket Out Of Plastic Bags

3. Crocheted Plastic Bag Doily Clock

4. Recycled Plastic Bag Pendant Light

5. Recycled Wreath From Plastic Grocery Bags

6. Crochet Fun Placemats

7. DIY Projects – Coasters From Plastic Bags

8. Plastic Bag Hammock

9. Outdoor Pillows With Plastic Bag Insets

10. Garbage Jellyfish

11. Beautiful Baskets From Plastic Bags

12. Crochet Bird Nest

13. Crocheted Clothespin Bag From Plarn

14. Flowers Made From Plastic Bags

15. Crocheted Tote Plastic Bags


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