15 Fascinating Rattan Bed Designs To Add Exotic Charm In Your Home

With the return of the popular rattan furniture symbolizing the summer, the comfort, the warmth and the relaxation, we have found its place not only on ours balconies and terraces, but also in the living rooms and bedrooms! A living room bed, double bed, or crib made of stubble exotic palm trees, which is one of the strongest woody plants and can grow up to 30 feet in height, is a great substitute for classical structures for endurance and severe fragility.

In the pictures below you can see some inspirational bed frames created in various impressive patterns, that give the room a sense of airiness and calmness, and in the overall arrangement of your home, this kind of detail made of natural materials would be a perfect addition to the sleek design, inspired by the exotic regions and journeys.Β With its characteristic light brown color, this material is very much compatible with all other spectrum colors, and is particularly pleasing in combination with classic white linen, as well as other bright shades, like pink. Lightweight frames made of this material will add a little tropical charm to your bedroom, as well as the rest of your living space. If you are in doubt whether to choose rattan sofa for your balcony, or rattan frame for your bed, check out below and our inspirational examples will help you to make decision!


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