15 Fascinating Modern Living Room Shelves for Any Contemporary Home

Shelves as a piece of furniture fits easily into any space. Can be used as part of the composition of shelves for tv, as an independent element on the wall with his own story or as a partition wall. Modern shelves are usually made of two or more materials, and more colors and thus attract attention and often dominate in the space.

The most modern base color is the color of wood, white or off-white, which can be combined with blue, green, or yellow. Using these colors, the space gets special character and is primarily geared towards temperamental and courageous people. Shelves in the living room can be embellished with frames, vases, or boxes for small items. Also, can be mounted lamp or some our fond memories. Very practical and decorative piece of furniture where we can postpone our little home library. From the shelves can be set dim lights, that will make the whole area more elegant and thus give it a dose of romance and relaxation.


Image via Yannick Grandmont


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