15 Fantastic DIY Rain Chain Ideas To Freshen Up Your Outdoors With

Rain chains are not as complicated as they sound. They are simply a creative way to deal with rainwater dispersion from the gutter of your home. But even though they are incredibly simple and easy to create on your own, store-bought versions are going to cost you a lot more than they are worth. That is why as always, you should first consider creating a DIY rain chain for your backyard. It is easy and fun to make and when you’re done, you’re going to love the trickling sound of the water. It is so refreshing!

Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we’ve featured 15 Fantastic DIY Rain Chain Ideas To Freshen Up Your Outdoors With. Explore the awesome designs that we’ve made part of the following collections and you will be able to draw out some pretty amazing ideas that you can craft in very little time. They all come together with complete, step by step instructions that are available on the tutorial links below the images. Enjoy!

1. DIY Ombre Terra Cotta Rain Chain

2. Repurposed Metal Spoon Rain Chain

3. DIY Copper Ring Rain Chain

4. Galvanized Bucket Rain Chain

5. Repurposed Funnel Rain Chain

6. Upcycled Yogurt Cup Rain Chain

7. DIY Wire And Stone Rain Chain

8. DIY Terra Cotta Rain Chain

9. Repurposed Key Rain Chain


11. DIY Neon Zip Tie Rain Chain

12. Bent Forks & Spoons Rain Chain

13. DIY Cookie Cutter Rain Chain

14. Teapots rain chain

15. Recycled Soda Bottles as Hanging Seedling Rain Chains


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