15 Exclusively Modern Fireplace Design Ideas to Keep You Warm This Winter

Although modern fireplaces are increasingly more in use, when talking about fireplaces, still the first thing that comes to our mind are the good old classic fireplaces and what we see today in many houses, made of massive stone elements. They are characterized mainly by open firebox and that indescribable atmosphere and crackling fire.

However, as much as it was really special, these fireplaces go slowly in the past, because of the all rapid changes in the trends in interior design, ie. the transition to a variety of futuristic shapes and leaving the old material. Sometimes it’s not even in appearance, but simply the functionality. Modern fireplaces are a logical response to this situation. Contemporary look, modern materials used in the preparation, innovative and creative shapes, different colors, and there’s often a lot of glass that closes the furnace and behind which still are flashing flames of vibrant colors. So, if you are looking for modern fireplace that will keep you warm this winter here you will find it. Take a look at our collection and get inspired!


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