15 Excellent Eclectic Balcony Designs For Apartments

The eclectic style is unique in the fact that it does not hold any strong limitations as to what you can use. You are free to combine your favorite shapes, colors and textures to create a space that will feel cozy and natural to you. That doesn’t mean that you can just throw anything in a room and call it eclectic of course. There is a fine line between creating a garbage dump and an eclectic space and it is not that difficult to cross. That is why you need examples to see how a proper space such as the eclectic balcony should look like.

Welcome to our latest compilation of outdoor designs in which we’ve featured 15 Excellent Eclectic Balcony Designs For Apartments. Take a few moments to explore these wonderful designs and you discover plenty of creative ideas that can help you create a balcony that will feel like a proper outdoor space with the help of the eclectic style. Additionally, you might want to check out our recent showcase of the eclectic landscape design. Enjoy!

1. Eclectic in New York

2. Whitechapel Penthouse


3. Penthouse – Hamburg Rotherbraum

4. South Pasadena Remodel

5. Eclectic Balcony

6. High End Residential Project in Wadala

7. cityscape at Farrer Park

8. Textures, Textiles, Patterns and Plants in New Orleans

9. Eclectic Charm

10. Eclectic Apartment with Balcony

11. Surrounded by Greenery

12. NYC Roof Terrace garden

13. Mini Balcony

14. Cozy Eclectic Terrace

15. Scenic Terrace


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