15 Enchanting Mid-Century Modern Deck Designs Your Outdoor Areas Long For

The mid-century modern style is still popular today even though it originates from the 1950s when it revolutionized home design with new and modern views of your everyday family home. Most of the modern styles that we have now have the mid-century modern era to thank for their success. But when you think of a mid-century modern home, the interior is what often comes into mind whereas the outdoor areas are left behind. We want to change that and we will do it slowly, step-by-step. Today, we’ll show you that the mid-century modern deck can become your favorite outdoor spot to enjoy your landscape or simply, the surroundings of your home. It is definitely the best way  to enjoy the nice weather without moving past the boundaries of your lot.

Welcome to a new collection in which we have featured 15 Enchanting Mid-Century Modern Deck Designs Your Outdoor Areas Long For. The decks that you are going to see below are very versatile and different from each other. This diversity guarantees that you will find at least one design that will suit your backyard or garden. But don’t forget to check out the rest of our outdoor collections of the mid-century modern style showcase, including the entrance, patio, swimming pool and landscapeEnjoy!

Jill’s Modern Berkeley Bungalow

Hatgil Residence

89 Southampton Ave – Berkeley

Olema Road

Midcentury Deck

San Carlos Residence

Broadview mid century modern

Midcentury Deck

Tallichet Residence

Colorful Mid Century Modern Residence

Mid-Century Modern Deck

Haver House


Mid Century Modern in Shoreline

Moss Hill House


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