15 Elementary DIY Projects Made Out Of Reclaimed Wood

Wood is definitely the best choice of material when it comes down to crafting. It stands out with impeccable versatility but also its natural look. But working with wood is not something that everybody is good at. That should certainly not stop you though. You have to start from somewhere but you do not have to start with a very basic project. You can actually make quite a few cool things without putting too much effort and time into it.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY ideas in which we’re going to show you 15 Elementary DIY Projects Made Out Of Reclaimed Wood. We’ve filtered these projects out of plenty of other DIY projects that involve working with wood because you do not need to have any experience to get them done. They are all quite simple yet they will deliver you an item that looks good and in some cases, has some functionality. Let’s stop wasting any more time and jump right down to the tutorials. Enjoy!

1. Bath Tray With Book Rest

2. DIY Wooden Couch Sleeves

3. Simple Serving Tray

4. Desk Organizer

5. Wood Plank Wine Rack

6. Easy DIY Earring Stand

7. DIY Produce Stand For Under $30

8. Farmhouse Style Shiplap Wall Key Holder

9. Build Simple Crates

10. DIY Wall Planter

11. Rustic V Wall Decor

12. DIY Wooden Arrow

13. Office Supply Tray

14. 2Γ—4 Console Table DIY Projects

15. DIY Beauty Station


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