15 DIY Easter Garland Ideas to String Along the Joy of Spring

Unfurl the magic of spring with these 15 delightful DIY Easter garland ideas! Craft whimsical creations using colorful paper, felt, or natural finds like eggshells and feathers. Each project caters to crafters of all levels, ensuring everyone can join the blooming fun. String your creations along twine or ribbon, letting the vibrant decorations weave their springtime charm throughout your home. These handcrafted garlands offer a budget-friendly way to personalize your Easter decor and bring a touch of whimsical delight to every corner. So, gather your supplies and get ready to string along the joy of spring!

1. Felt Bunny Garland

2. Bunny and Carrot Garland

3. Felt Ball Bunny Garland

4. Egg and Hydrangea Garland

5. Papercut Bunny Garland

6. Paint Chip Egg Garland

7. Burlap Carrot Garland

8. Felt and Feather Carrot Garland

9. Birdie Balloon Garland

10. Yarn Egg Garland

11. Paint Chip Easter Egg Banner

12. Peeps and Gumballs Garland

13. Black and Gold Mini Easter Egg Garland

14. Bunny Tail Garland

15. Colorful Honeycomb Egg Garland


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