15 DIY Decor Ideas You Can Make For The Boys’ Room

If you’re feeling like you want to surprise your sons or grandsons, then you are going to need to get creative. The boys’ room is very important for them. It is the place in which they will grow up which means that is where they will spend a lot of time and will develop as a person through studying, playing, practicing hobbies and of course, resting. But buying all sorts of furniture and decorations from the store is just so expensive and not creative at all. That is why we’re going to show you a bunch of DIY decor ideas that you might want to consider making for the boys’ room.

In this fresh compilation of DIY projects, we’ve showcased 15 DIY Decor Ideas You Can Make For The Boys’ Room. The goal behind these ideas is to help you surprise your favorite boy with wonderful decor for his room. We’ve made sure to include all of the tutorials and instructions that you are going to need to complete these projects, but maybe you also want to consider hiring some help from the boy you’re doing this for. It could be a wonderful way to spend some time together creatively. Enjoy!

1. Ping Pong Ball Lights

2. DIY Industrial Wall Art

3. Faucet Knobs As Wall Hooks

4. Superhero Side Table DIY

5. DIY Engineer Print Frame

6. Car Inspired Lamp

7. Hockey Room Shelf

8. Stuffed Shirts

9. Paper Airplane Canvas

10. Chicken Wire Light Fixture

11. 3D Paper Mache Letters

12. Fabric Quote Banner

13. Action Figure Lamp

14. Star Wars Specimen Art

15. Burlap Name Bunting


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Author: Fidan Jovanov


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