15 Cute And Affordable DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

Have you picked out a gift for Valentine’s Day yet? Wait, what do you mean Valentine’s Day? That’s in February, there’s time. Umm.. no, actually there isn’t. Especially so if you want to get something special, something that will carry a message of love. January’s almost gone, so you really need to get down to picking up the perfect Valentine’s gift for your significant other. But sometimes you can’t go on a spending spree, no matter how much you love that person. It is pointless to spend all of your money on gifts if you need it on more important things. Luckily, that doesn’t have to mean that you can’t give an awesome gift.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we’re going to show you how to make these 15 Cute And Affordable DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her. Surprise your girlfriend or wife with something that was made by you. That carries a message of love and attention by itself, so don’t waste any more time and dive right into the tutorials that will show you how to craft these projects. Enjoy!

1. Secret Pocket Pillow

2. Bonbon-Filled Hearts

3. Mini Pallet Valentine’s Day Art

4. XOXO Pillows

5. DIY Heart Mason Jar

6. DIY Valentine’s Day Plate

7. Floating Heart Wall Art

8. No-Sew Heart DIY Valentine’s Day Gift For Her

9. LOVE Garden

10. DIY Heart Magnets

11. Glitter Heart Pillow

12. DIY Valentine Planters

13. Heart-Shaped Pot Holders

14. Love Doodled Shoes

15. DIY Marbled Clay Dishes


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