15 Creative DIY Basket Projects You Will Have Fun Crafting

Using baskets as part of your home decor is a genius idea. I mean, you can add a vibrant touch to your decor while also solving a storage & organization problem with something as simple as a basket. But generic, store-bought baskets could easily become too dull too quickly, unless you apply some DIY magic to them. A DIY basket can really make you feel a lot better about storing stuff in obvious areas of your home without making it look cluttered.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY ideas in which we are going to present you with the following 15 Creative DIY Basket Projects You Will Have Fun Crafting. Have a look at this new compilation of awesome ideas and find a few that you would like to craft over the upcoming weekend. They are incredibly fun to craft so why not spend a few hours doing something fun and productive with a little help from your family. All you really need to do is ensure you’ve got the required supplies and just follow the instructions. Enjoy!

1. DIY Polymer Clay Baskets

2. DIY Tribal Painted Baskets

3. DIY Floral Hanging Basket

4. DIY No Sew Rope Baskets

5. DIY Tassel Basket

6. Kilim Inspired Painted DIY Basket

7. Make a Basket Out Of A Box

8. Rope Coil Vessels

9. DIY Wire Laundry Baskets

10. Wire Mesh Baskets

11. Easy DIY Woven Rope Basket

12. DIY Fabric Basket

13. Folded Leather Basket

14. DIY Yarn Woven Heart Shaped Basket

15. Turn a Plastic Storage Container Into a Mobile Toy Box


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