15 Cool Craft Gift Ideas for a Wedding Anniversary

Crafting a gift to your spouse on your wedding anniversary indicates your love by putting in efforts to create something unique for the amazing individual that they are. You do not need to be a skilled artist to make a great gift, the ideas here are simple and most do not require any special tools.

If you are crafty, some of the gift ideas here may be a basis from which you can create your own ideas. If you are looking for other ideas, there are some very special wedding anniversaries gift themes that have been used for decades to mark each anniversary of marriage, which can spark some cool craft gift ideas for a wedding anniversary.  Traditionally the first anniversary is marked with paper, the second with cotton, the fifth with wood etc.

Paper craft ideas

Frame your wedding vows

Take the original sheet from which you read your vows or have them newly printed and placed in a frame in your bedroom.

Create your own love vouchers

Give love vouchers promising everything from doing the dishes, taking the kids out, to a foot massage and more.

Anniversary date

Make a card stating: “Today I have loved you for 365 days and I’ll love you for a million more”.

Travel map

Download a world map, stick this to a framed corkboard and put straight pins on all the destinations you have visited together.

Origami heart

A red 3D origami heart is a traditional gift idea with a clear and understood message of love

Cotton craft ideas

Cotton candy photoshoot

Mark your anniversary with a photograph of the two of you eating cotton candy to mark your second, or sixth anniversary.

Doodled pillowcases

Create your own pillowcase design that creates a complete picture when together.

Couples bracelets

Personalized couple bracelets made of cotton can include your initials, name or wedding date.

Matching T-shirts

Print your own T-shirt with “Married for 730 days, and l have loved each one.”

Anniversary canvas

Choose your best photograph from the previous year and have this printed on canvas and framed.

Woodcraft ideas

Wooden nightstand tray

A nightstand tray made from wood for his watch, coins, phone, and other items requires a bit more time and patience than other craft ideas, but worth it.

Spooning since…

A cute gift is a couple of spoons glued onto the wood above the slogan “Spooning since (year).” Use a combination of spoons with styles suiting you as a couple.

Anniversary date art

Stencil your anniversary date on a piece of driftwood for a unique piece of home décor

Song lyric art

Take the special lyrics from your first dance song and pyrograph them onto wood for a rustic décor piece.

String heart

Hammer nails, about an inch apart, into the shape of a heart on a piece of wood. Tie string to the head of one nail, then wrap it around any and every other nail in any order.


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