15 Compact Modern Studio Shed Designs For Your Backyard

Hello and welcome to our latest collection in which we will show you and prove to you that you don’t need to have your modern office or guest room inside your home for it to look and feel beautiful.
Most people think that sheds are only used to store your gardening tools and accessories near your garden and that’s it. Well, that is not true, of course. We will gladly present you a new type of shed which is called a studio shed, and in this case a modern studio shed.

In this collection of 15 Compact Modern Studio Shed Designs For Your Backyard we are going to show you a variety of modern studio shed designs which can be utilized for various purposes. For example, in this collection you will see modern studio shed designs which have been utilized as external compact offices, modern looking guest rooms with a lot of privacy for your guests, or personal meditation pavilions. Enjoy!

92 Square Foot Backyard Office

Eastern Point Pool Retreat

Garden Shed

Bay Area Office 10×12: Studio Shed Lifestyle

Meditation Pavilion

Garden Shed

Yoga Studio

Cape Russell Retreat

Mazama Guest Cabin

Glass House in the Garden

Desert Hot Springs

Artist’s Studio: Modern Studio Shed Lifestyle

Zen in Law

10×18 Satellite Guest Room

Whidbey Island Potting Shed


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