15 Clever DIY Chicken Wire Rustic Decor Ideas For Your Home

Decorating your home in the farmhouse style is a certain way to make it feel more “homey”. The country decor gives warmth to the home. It makes it feel friendly.
A lot of people have realized that the rustic look of the country decor can be easily be achieved through DIY projects as opposed to buying severely overpriced items from stores. We’ve already shown you quite a lot of DIY country decor ideas for your home but that’s not going to stop us from inspiring you with even more rustic decor ideas, this time, we’re placing DIY chicken wire projects under the spotlight.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we are going to show you 15 Clever DIY Chicken Wire Rustic Decor Ideas For Your Home. These awesome DIY ideas are a must see if you are a big fan of the farmhouse decor style. They will show you some pretty clever ways to make use of chicken wire as a decor element through the complete step by step tutorials. Happy crafting!

1. DIY Chicken Wire Floral Wall Sconce

2. DIY Farmhouse Message Board

3. DIY Rustic Shelf Decor

4. Chicken Wire DIY Jewelry Holder

5. DIY Office Memo Board

6. Chicken Wire Backdrop

7. Chicken Wire Pendants

8. DIY Chicken Wire Light Fixture

9. Chicken Wire Plate Stand

10. Chicken Wire Lampshade

11. Chicken Wire Heart Decor

12. Chicken Wire Cabinet

13. Hanging Votive Heart Chicken Wire

14. DIY Chicken Wire Magazine Baskets

15. DIY Chicken Wire Planter Box


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