15 Classy Bathroom Designs With Reclaimed Wood

Wood is one of the oldest materials used in construction. When planning one interior, wood is most used for floors and furniture. In both cases, all that usually can be seen in every room, except the bathroom. Wood in the bathroom, due to large amounts of moisture and its impact, usually is avoided to use. But today’s modern technology, has enabled the wood processing to the extent that water and moisture have almost no harmful effect on its surface.

Although the wood as a material in bathrooms and other sanitary facilities in recent decades is pushed by other materials (especially ceramics and various polymeric materials), today it seems that it was somewhat unjustified. The studies that have been conducted recently, show that the use of the wood as a material in such a wet area, is not the hygienic problem. Contemporary design brings us a multitude of innovations, when it comes to furnishing and decorating a bathroom. Below, we present examples of bathrooms with reclaimed wood as a very important element in their design and decoration. Enjoy in our collection!


Image via John McManus Photography


Image via Michael Cole


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