15 Chic Twine Crafts For Your Rustic Home Décor

Since when is rustic home décor known more for how much it costs rather than its distressed, country look? It seems like stores have put the rustic style in the luxurious category based on demand, but the rustic style is exactly the style that should be the most accessible. There is no reason why rustic décor should be expensive, but hey, we’re not the kind to suggest you buy awesome home décor from stores anyway, especially not when you can make it on your own.

Welcome to this new compilation of DIY projects in which we’re going to show you 15 Chic Twine Crafts For Your Rustic Home Décor. Twine crafts are right there at the cornerstone of the rustic home décor style. But what makes them truly special is just how simple and easy it is to do anything with twine. And of course, no need to mention that twine is just so cheap, you will rarely have to spend more than a few dollars for any of these projects. Happy crafting!

1. DIY Twine Bowl

2. Twine Placemat

3. Cabinet Hardware Makeover

4. DIY Wall Clock

5. DIY Twine Coasters

6. Custom Storage Basket

7. Twine’ified Eggs


9. Twine Fall Wreath

10. Twine Tray Handles

11. DIY Knotted Twine Lamp Cord

12. DIY Twine-wrapped toy storage

13. Make a Living Room Table from an Old Tire

14. Twine chair makeover

15. DIY Rope Mirror


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