15 Charming Traditional Porch Designs You’d Love To Spend Your Days In

The traditional porch is an alternative to the living room in the summer when the weather is way too good to miss it. It also means that you don’t have to abuse the air conditioning for most of the day to cool off the living room. Instead, you can just sit on your porch, feasting your eyes on the beautiful landscaping work in your garden or courtyard. Is there really a better way to rest after a hard day at work other than laying back on your porch, feeling the smooth breeze on your skin?

Welcome to a new collection of outdoor designs in which we’ve featured 15 Charming Traditional Porch Designs You’d Love To Spend Your Days In. Spend a couple of moments of your time to explore these stunning designs of traditional porches. You can learn a lot from them and get inspired to plan a renovation of your own home’s porch. If you need even more ideas, then check out our most recent collection of outdoor areas in the traditional style showcasing 17 Inviting Traditional Entryway Designs You’d Love To Walk Into. Enjoy!

1. West University Whole House Update

2. Ranch Ridge Retreat

3. Traditional Porch

4. Jett Road House

5. Connecticut Ranch Expansion

6. Lawton Street

7. The Markham Plan 1299

8. Capel House

9. Selby House

10. River Oaks Estate

11. Willow’s End, Lake Martin

12. Pasons Shingle Style

13. Traditional Porch

14. Lake Winnipesaukee Home

15. Traditional Porch


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