15 Charming DIY Window Flower Box Designs for Gardening

Bring the vibrant beauty of spring right to your windows with these delightful DIY window flower box designs! Get ready to craft stunning planters using recycled treasures, readily available supplies, and even a touch of upcycled magic. Imagine cascading blooms bursting with color, adding a touch of life and cheer to your home’s exterior. These creative projects are perfect for budget-conscious gardeners and anyone who loves to unleash their inner designer. So grab your tools, tap into your creativity, and get ready to craft the perfect window flower box for your favorite spring blooms!

1. DIY removable cedar window box

2. DIY removable flowerpot window box

3. DIY self-watering flower box

4. DIY extra-deep window box

5. DIY mahogany-stained window box

6. DIY poplar board window box with black support brackets

7. DIY PVC board window box with pipe watering system

8. DIY twig window box

9. DIY lattice window flower box

10. DIY chevron window box

11. DIY picket fence window flower box

12. DIY pastel wood shim window box

13. DIY walnut-stained wood shim window box

14. DIY hanging flower box with sisal rope for the window

15. DIY window flower box with chalkboard labels


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