15 Charming DIY Bird Bath Ideas For Your Garden

If you are love to have songbird singing in your garden when spring comes, you need to lure them with something. The first step of course is to give them shelter and you can easily do that in a creative way that will also add to your garden’s dΓ©cor by placing a few creative birdhouses here and there. But that is not enough to keep the songbirds interested in your garden. They need fresh water so the next step would be to build a DIY bird bath that will give them the much needed water thus keeping them coming back to your garden.

Welcome to our latest compilation of DIY projects in which we’re going to show you 15 Charming DIY Bird Bath Ideas For Your Garden. Take a look at the designs that we’ve included in this list and you will find a bunch of awesome DIY bird bath ideas that are incredibly easy and fun to make. All you really need is a few old pots, planters or dishes. After that, it just comes down to following the simple step by step instructions. Happy crafting!

1. Hand Painted Bird Bath with clay Pots

2. DIY Lampstand Bird Bath

3. Create a Birdbath From a Salvaged Sink

4. DIY Candlestick Bird Bath

5. Metal Dish on a Column DIY Bird Bath

6. DIY Tomato Cage Bird Bath

7. Mini Bird Bath

8. Easy DIY Terra Cotta Birdbath

9. Vintage Dish Bird Bath

10. Salvaged Chair Bird Bath

11. Flower Pot Arrangement with bird bath topper

12. Tea Pot Bird Bath Garden Art

13. Old Bowl and Table Leg Bird Bath

14. DIY Bird Bath From planters and pots

15. D.I.Y. Birdbath Restoration


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