15 Brilliant DIY Burlap Decor Ideas Everyone Can Put Together

Decorating with burlap is a very creative experience. Whether you have any crafting experience at all, there’s always something new you can do using burlap as your primary crafting material. It is just so versatile that it enables you to create nearly everything and if you give it your best, it can look as if it was a designer piece of decor designed in theΒ  farmhouse or rustic style. We’ve already shown you a bunch of super easy DIY burlap craft ideas but a few more can’t hurt.

In this new compilation of DIY home decor projects, you will be able to see 15 Brilliant DIY Burlap Decor Ideas Everyone Can Put Together. Explore the designs that we’ve included in this fresh list and you will find plenty of awesome ideas that you will be able to craft on your own, even if you’ve never stepped into the world of crafting. In that case, starting off with burlap is the best way to start. Happy crafting!

1. Burlap Door Hanger

2. Recycled Patron Vase in Burlap

3. Burlap Table Bouquet

4. Burlap Dry Erase Calendar

5. Burlap Jewelry Box

6. Burlap Prints

7. DIY Burlap Canvas

8. Fringed Burlap Table Runner

9. Reupholstered Burlap Chair

10. Burlap Tiki Torches

11. Burlap and Tin Can Vase Garland

12. Vintage Wire Basket

13. Knock Off Vintage Feed Bags-Tutorial

14. Spring Banner Lampshade

15. DIY Burlap Decor – Banner


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