15 Bright Victorian Dining Rooms That Will Catch Your Eye

There are many styles of decorating the living space for which you can opt, and the selection of the right one will depend on your personal taste. If you can not decide, you can combine them in different rooms. Victorian style from the second half of the 19th century, is characterized with ornate decorations in the interior design, massive furniture made of wood, fireplace and pictures of animals and flowers. Textiles used are velvet and cotton, usually with flowers or straight-line patterns. Floral and animal samples are used for decoration. Chandeliers and lighting are among the main features of Victorian style, and they can be found in many stores of antiques.

In Victorian arrangements chandelier is always hanging over the table. “Chocolate” tones, lots of windows, luxury design, huge tables, bookcases, chairs and a lot of elegance- all this can identify with Victorian style. In addition to chocolate tones, usually are used and gold shades. The golden color symbolizes power and wealth, and in this style need to use a lot of details in gold. Today, many designers are inspired by Victorian era, and can be found many homes decorated in Victorian style. Below, we present you one collection od some beautiful bright Victorian dining rooms. See them and you will get inspired!


Image via Mary Prince




Image via Shannon Gale




Image via Taylor Photo


Image via Drew Hadley




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Author: Ana Duovska


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