15 Beautiful DIY Rug Ideas That Anyone Can Make

A beautiful rug can add some color and softness that will break the monotony of the pretty boring surface of the floor. There are many awesome rug designs that are very creative and are a nice addition to any room. But we are not talking about rugs that you can buy from the store. No, instead, we are talking about homemade rugs that even you can make by yourself. The best part about it is not the fact that you’ll save a lot of money but the fact that a DIY rug will allow you to fully customize its shape, size, color and pattern.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY ideas in which we’re going to show you 15 Beautiful DIY Rug Ideas That Anyone Can Make. We’ve found some of the cutest DIY rug tutorials and we thought you would really like them. And why wouldn’t you, they are very cheap and easy to make and they can really add some charm to any room in your home. Don’t waste any more time and dive into the images to find the right design. Enjoy!

1. DIY Rug From Old Jeans

2. Knitting Loom T-Shirt Rug

3. Make Your Own Rope Rug

4. DIY Mod Podge Fabric Rug

5. DIY Positive Vibes Rug

6. DIY Fabric Rug Hack

7. Felted Stone Rug

8. Make A Faux Cowhide Rug For Under $50

9. Insanely Awesome DIY Outdoor Rug

10. Pixel Rug

11. Make A Custom Kitchen Rug

12. Painted Patterned Rug

13. DIY Shag Rag Rug

14. Giant Circular Rug

15. DIY Painted Patio Rug


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