15 Awesome Scandinavian Garden & Patio Designs For Your Backyard

Enjoying the outdoors is one of the traits that a house can offer you especially during spring and summer. But some places, such as the Scandinavian countries, are not warm enough to spend too much time outside and you have to make the most of it while the weather is good. This is the main feature of the Scandinavian garden & patio design – to make the most out of the not-so-warm weather and provide you with a way to enjoy it.
If you want to know more about the Scandinavian interior and exterior design, make sure you check out our most recent showcase of the Scandinavian style, presented to you through various collections, each featuring a different area such as the: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room, home office, kids’ room and the exterior.

Today, we have an outdoors collection from the Scandinavian style which brings you 15 Awesome Scandinavian Garden & Patio Designs For Your Backyard. This collection will show you great and inspirational designs that will give you ideas about how to make the most of the outdoors even when the weather is not that good. Enjoy!

Harmonia – Finland

Gallery Loft


Scandinavian Decking

Villa Åkerman

Haus S

Villa Vinga


Villa Enslev

Villa Juhl

Villa Hvolgaarden

Scandinavian Garden

Scandinavian Patio

View from the Top



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