15 Awesome Mediterranean Home Gym Designs You Will Wish You Owned

Regardless of where you live, keeping yourself fit should be a priority. The majority of homes designed in the Mediterranean style are located in remote areas, by some secluded beach or coastal area. This means that it is highly likely there won’t be any gyms around. Luckily, the Mediterranean home gym is there to provide you with a space to exercise or do yoga.

Welcome to a new compilation of interior designs in which we’ve featured 15 Awesome Mediterranean Home Gym Designs You Will Wish You Owned. This collection will show you that the gym doesn’t have to be far from home. In fact, it can be in your home and if you’ve got the space and budget for it, it can be better than any gym you’ve gone to.

1. The Overlook at Heritage Hills

2. Winnetka Private Residence 1

3. Isabella Residence, Dallas

4. Mediterranean Home Gym

5. Massage & Yoga Room

6. Jackson House Exercise Room

7. Galleon Residence

8. Yoga Room

9. Hope Ranch Restoration

10. Dianella Residence, Perth, Western Australia

11. Parade Lake Home in Austin, Texas

12. Coral Ridge Point Residence

13. Crystal Cove V

14. Liu Residence

15. Mediterranean Home Gym


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