15 Awesome Living Room Designs Defined By Painted Walls

The quality of life that your home can provide to you depends on a never ending list of things, including big, key features but also small, defining details. If you want to make the most out of your home when it comes to the level of comfort that you can enjoy, you need to pay some more attention to your living room. More precisely, you need to take a look at the key elements that really do define your living room.
That can depend on a couple of major things. First off is the layout of your furniture. That is entirely dependent on the amount of space that you have to work with but the next important thing is the shape and color of your walls.
Empty, white walls are a big no-no in most styles and decorating directions with only a few exceptions in extremely minimalist designs. So what can you do about it?

You can solve this by adding accents and decorative elements on your walls such as photos, paintings and murals. In fact, we’ve made plenty of collections that show you how to decorate your walls with all kinds of wall art, including the type of wall art that you can make all by yourself so it shouldn’t really take you long to find inspiration.
It is the other way of jazzing up your walls that we are going to talk about in today’s collection – paint. Yes, something as simple as painting a couple of walls in a contrasting or harmonic color can change the way your entire living room looks like.

We’ve managed to find plenty of amazing living room designs that utilize painted walls to create an ambient that complements the furniture, the layout and the size of the available space. As you will see, all of the following designs have a couple of walls or parts of walls that either contrast or create a harmony with a different color. This does wonders in changing the way you perceive the space and if done correctly, it can be a great addition to your living room. But do you have to hire a contractor to paint a small portion of your room?

We don’t think so. Why? It is simple. If you are careful enough, you can easily transform your living room with a couple of simple tools.
The first thing that you are going to need is a masking tape and some plastic wrap to isolate the area that you want to paint. After that, check out the best paint sprayers┬áto find the one that will suit you the most. Keep in mind the color that you want to use and make sure you double check before you buy it, and check once more before you start painting. You really don’t want to mess up y our living room by picking the wrong color. How to know which colors to choose? Maybe the designs that we’ve featured will give you some inspiration. Check them out!

1. Maple Cove Cottage

2. Norrtullsgatan 63

3. University City Residence

4. Brick Tudor

5. East Boot Ranch Ridge

6. Harmony of colors

7. Historic Home

8. Paradise Estates Lakefront Development

9. African Inspired Living

10. Manhattan Apartment

11. Colorful Wall Paint

12. Wellesley Home Renovation

13. LIVE Loft

14. Old Town Park City

15. Master Drive Residence


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