15 Awesome DIY Shelves That You Can Create In No Time

Do you find yourself constantly out of space to harbor all your awesome little decorations? If you have plenty of things that you want to put on display such as travel souvenirs, family photos or any other decorative elements, but not enough space to display them, then you have come to the right place. We are going to show you how to make some awesomeΒ DIY shelves that will not only get you that extra storage and display space but will also contribute to your home decor. The best part? They are incredibly cheap and easy to craft!

Welcome to a brand new collection of DIY projects that are going to show youΒ 15 Awesome DIY Shelves That You Can Create In No Time. Take a look at the projects that we thought you would like and find some ideas that you can do over the weekend. There is nothing to worry about because all of these projects come together with complete step by step tutorials that will guide you along the way. Enjoy!

1. DIY Gold And Marble Shelves

2. DIY Shelves made of steel pipes, rope and wood

3. DIY Floating Shelf

4. Wrap Up Rope Shelves

5. DIY Floating Window Shelves

6. Toilet Paper Holder Shelf

7. DIY Repurposed Drawer Shelf

8. Cute Wooden Shelf

9. Live Edge Floating Shelves

10. Industrial Pipe And Wood Bookshelves

11. Suspension Bridge Inspired Shelf

12. DIY Leather Belt Shelf

13. Decorative Shelves

14. Knock Off Restoration Hardware Shelf Tutorial

15. Floating Corner Shelves


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