15 Awesome DIY Projects You Can Craft Using Old Cabinet Doors

So, you’ve recently finished a kitchen remodel and now you’ve ended up with a garage full of old cabinet doors that you have no clue what to do with? I’m sure you’ve considered just throwing them all out but that sounds like a lot of waste. If that’s what you thought too, then you are right. Old cabinet doors can actually be incredibly useful as things other than shielding cabinet contents. Applying just a touch of DIY magic and you can create some impressive DIY projects that will turn your old cabinet doors into new and useful items.

As with every other collection of DIY projects, we are going to present the following list of 15 Awesome DIY Projects You Can Craft Using Old Cabinet Doors in a way that gives you easy access to the tutorials for each of the projects. They all come bundled with detailed and step by step instructions so you will have nothing to worry about, except maybe what to do with the rest of the old cabinets, but that is worthy of a separate topic. Happy crafting!


2. Repurposed Cabinet Door Bulletin Board

3. Repurposed Cabinet Door Chess Board

4. DIY Cabinet Door Clock

5. A Dry Erase Message Board from a Cabinet Door

6. DIY Headboard From Cabinet Doors


8. DIY Mason Jar Vase Holder

9. Repurposed Door Photo Collage

10. Cabinet Door String Art

11. DIY Earring Holder

12. Repurposed Cabinet Door Towel Holder

13. Repurposed Cabinet Door Shelf

14. Old Cabinet Door to Vegetable Bin

15. Chalkboard Porch Decor


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