15 Awesome DIY Garden Storage & Organization Hacks You Can Craft

So now that most of us are advised to stay within the confines of our own homes as much as possible and only go out for essential needs, the value of having an outdoor spaces such as a garden or a backyard is higher than ever. You can just get a breath of fresh air and stretch your legs and if you are able to work from home, then you can do that too while catching the sun. Unless it rains of course. But the idea is, now that spring is here and we can utilize our gardens, why not try and improve them with some DIY garden storage and organization crafts?

Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we are going to show you 15 Awesome DIY Garden Storage & Organization Hacks You Can Craft. Take a look at the following ideas and find some that you would want to craft for your own garden. These can help you store and organize your gardening tools as well as make a lot of other things appear prettier. So if you like any of these ideas, all you need to do is follow the tutorials. Enjoy!

1. Big Bolt Hanging Rack

2. Build A Bike Storage Shack

3. Outdoor Storage Bench

4. DIY Garden Tool Storage

5. Repurposed shoe organizer into DIY garden storage idea for tools

6. DIY Potting Bench With Storage

7. Recycled Garden Hose Basket

8. DIY Outdoor Storage Table

9. Repurposed Pallet Outdoor Storage Coffee Table

10. Repurposed PVC Pipe Tool Storage

11. Simple Farmhouse Inspired Garden Hose Holder

12. Upcycled Mailbox Garden Tool Holder

13. DIY Upcycled Pallet Garden Organizer

14. DIY Garden Hose Hiding Planter Box

15. Tool Shed Organization


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