15 Amazing Industrial Staircase Designs You Are Going To Like

When most o the people who are planning the design of their new home, or it’s renovation, the staircase is one of the things that are overlooked. For some reason, most of the times, the staircase is just taken for granted, only as a tool to get from one floor to another without any specific artistic designs. This opinion becomes even stronger and more common when talking about the industrial staircase which most people consider as a simple steel staircase to get you on the upper or lower floor.
For the other styles, we have already shown you that a staircase can be as artistically designed and still be just as functional in our recent staircase design collections separated by the styles they are designed in such as: modern, contemporary, rustic, mid-century modern and Mediterranean which you can find on the provided links.

Following that course, today we are going to show you that the industrial staircase can look stylish as well in our latest interior design collection of 15 Amazing Industrial Staircase Designs You Are Going To Like.
In this collection, you are going to find staircase designs taken from various industrial houses and lofts that have been adapted as living spaces from previously industrial buildings such as warehouses, factories and stores. Enjoy!

Mount Pleasant House – Basement Industrial Staircase


Entwurf Treppe

Steel and Glass Timber Loft

Hill House Remodel


Industrial Loft

Escalier Ferro

Industrial Staircase

West Loop Aerie

100k house Stair Wall

Mid-North Residence

Container House

SoHo Duplex

Manhattan Beach House


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