15 Amazing Dollar Store Crafts That Will Help You Organize Your Home On A Budget

Ah, the dollar store! The source of many useless things that you just have to buy every time you visit that store and then when you get home, you make sure they are not used even once. But instead of putting them all in a box and in the garage, you can try something else for a change. Use these dollar store items to make awesome dollar store crafts that can offer a solution to quite a lot of your household storage and organization troubles.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY ideas in which we are going to show youΒ 15 Amazing Dollar Store Crafts That Will Help You Organize Your Home On A Budget. Take a look at the projects that we’ve managed to scrape up from some of our favorite DIY bloggers. You are going to love them and how can you not? These ideas can save you so much money while really helping you to organize things around your home and the best part? We’ve got detailed step by step instructions that you can easily follow. Enjoy!

1. Wire Mesh Utensil Holder

2. DIY Tiered Tray

3. Under The Sink Organization

4. High And Dry Fresh Fruit Crate

5. Dollar Store Crafts – Pantry Makeover

6. File Box Bathroom Appliance Storage

7. Ice Cube Earring Organizer

8. Wall-Mounted Bathroom Basket Shelves

9. Shower Pocket Organizer

10. Canned Food Storage Hack

11. Bath Toy Organization

12. Garage Organization On A Dollar Store Budget

13. Trash Bags On A Roll

14. Chest Freezer Organization With Dollar Store Bins

15. Dollar Store Bathroom Drawer Organization


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