15 Amazing DIY Floor Pouf Projects For That Cozy Corner Of Your Home

What is a pouf? If you are familiar with the concept of an ottoman or a bean bag, then you already know what a pouf is. It is a shabby chic addition to any room of your home that can sit on the floor and let you rest your feet on top of it, or in the case of the larger ones, let you jump in and sit comfortably in it while you read a book or play a game on your gaming console. It is also great for emergency extra seating around your coffee table.

In this new collection of DIY projects, we are going to introduce you to these 15 Amazing DIY Floor Pouf Projects For That Cozy Corner Of Your Home. Have a few moments to explore these awesome projects, you will not regret it, you can only become so excited that you’ll get into your crafting mood right away and get down to creating one of these for your living room, kids’ room or media room. All you really need is to follow the instructions, so, why not? Enjoy!

1. Oversized Pouf Inspired By West Elm

2. Crochet Floor Pouf

3. Burlap Coffee Bag Ottoman

4. Painted Pouf

5. DIY Pillowcase Pouf

6. DIY Foam Ottoman

7. Make A Pouf From Throw Rugs

8. Modern Bean Bag Pouf

9. Square Cube Cushion

10. DIY Moroccan Pouf

11. Make A Pillow Pouf

12. Carkai Poufs For The Kids

13. Drop Cloth Floor Pouf

14. Hexagon Floor Pouf

15. Fabric Pouf Ottoman


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