15 Adorable & Fully Functional Small Bedroom Design Ideas

The bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation, and its function successfully is completed if it has space for a bed and quality lighting. However, there are some tricks to make a small room visually more.

Put a mirror on the wall or closet – if the mirror extends from floor to ceiling and is placed on the surface of the entire wall, visually, it will double the size of the bedroom. Let the natural light to enter – it will allow the bedroom during the day to look more spacious and. In small bedrooms often the headboard of the bed is next to the window. Choose a headboard that does not block the light, such as for example, the metal frame.

On the wall you can put shelves abova the headboard – shelves of books or decorative items to make small spaces more interesting and lively. Enter interesting motive – it is enough just a small space to be entered just an interesting motif that will be for example some wallpaper or carpet with interesting motif. We present you some interesting small bedroom ideas that will help you to decorate properly your small bedroom.


Image via Gordon Beall


Image via Joseph Eastburn Photography


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