15 Adorable Child’s Room Designs In Light Blue Color

Blue is in the art synonymous with loyalty, humility, modesty. Indicates the comfort, safety, aristocracy, loyalty. This color is good for bathrooms, because usually blue is identify with water. Bathrroms can be even equipped whole with blue, but if that’s too much, you need to choose only details in blue. Blue is the color of deep waters and the blue, and these are the images that we create for a relaxing and calming feeling …
This is why the color blue is strategic commonly used to highlight a particular type of decor. Often is used in bathrooms because of the analogy with water and also in the bedrooms because of its calming effect.

You can use blue as a primary color, in this case, you can use it on the walls and the other main elements, or as accent colors for items such as curtains, lighting, art and the like.

There are several types of blue and a variety of different shades. Depending on the atmosphere that you are trying to make, you can choose pastel shades, which are commonly used in bedrooms and areas in the home that you want to be soothing and relaxing, or more vivid shades of blue, which can be used in areas such as living room, kitchen or outside. Here we present you some inspirational proposals how to decorate child’s room with light blue color. See them and make real masterpiece for your kids!


Image via Chad Jackson


Image via Annie Schlechter


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