14 Unique Ways To Enhance Your Home’s Exterior That People Often Forget

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Whether you’re thinking of selling your home or not, it’s good to know ways to enhance your home’s exterior. And while there are the more obvious changes, such as maintaining the lawn, planting beautiful flowers adding fencing or investing in a new door, there are other alterations that people might not initially think about.

To give you some inspiration, here are 14 unique ways to boost your home’s exterior no matter what your budget:

Clear the Gutters

Throughout the seasons, your gutters will start to get clogged up by debris. And while this issue is ok in the short term, when it’s left it can cause significant problems to your property.

Not only are you at risk of flooding both in your basement and other rooms of the house, but if the water starts to flow out of the pipes and freezes on your driveway in the winter, it’s a dangerous slipping hazard. So to prevent this from happening, it’s a good idea to hire a local handyman to come out and clear the gutters for you.

When this is done, it will also enhance your home’s exterior, making your property look more inviting and maintained.

Give Your Roof Some TLC

Your roof literally shelters your home – so you don’t want to neglect it. This is particularly important if you live in an older property with a roof that’s not been renovated recently.

Take a look at your roof from the outside, as well as the inside. Are there any holes, missing tiles/slates or cracked tiles? If there is, it’s time to take action and get it repaired. Although this might seem like a daunting thing to do, you can easily find a repair company who will come out and do this for you.

Once you’ve repaired your roof, it will add thousands of dollars to its value – which is incredibly useful if you’re considering putting your home on the market in the near future.

Reinvigorate the Garage Doors

When people pull into your driveway, one of the first things they will notice is your garage. And while this is already a selling point, if it’s in disrepair then it can be incredibly off-putting.

To reinvigorate your garage doors, you could consider giving them a lick of paint and fixing any issues they might have. If you wanted to modernize your doors, you could even install an automation device, which allows you to open your garage from the comfort of your car – which is definitely a plus point in the cold winter months.

Enhance the Windows

Ok, so this might seem like an obvious enhancement. But the value it adds and the improvement in appearance it provides is well worth a mention. No matter where you live in the world, you want windows that provide you with warmth in the winter and a cool interior in the summer.

So if your current windows have any drafts in them, cracks in the frame or any other issues, it’s important that you give them the TLC they deserve. You’ll notice in the way that your home feels the moment you enhance them!

Add a Mailbox

No matter whether you have a modern house or a rustic farmhouse exterior, a great addition is a mailbox. Charming and practical, a mailbox will make your house feel even more like home. Plus, there are so many unique mailboxes to choose from, from vintage long silver options to more modern options.

Replace the Manhole Cover

Now, you might think that this wouldn’t be your responsibility – and you’re right – if the manhole cover is along a public footpath. But if it’s in your garden on a drainage pipe that only serves your property, then it’s considered to be your responsibility to replace. Luckily, there are plenty of options (including these Amercast manhole covers) that you can purchase without it costing you the world.

Although this is a change that might not initially come to mind, it’s one that will add value when replaced.

Hide The Electrical Fixtures

Exposed electrical wires don’t only look messy, but can also be very dangerous. So consider hiding any electrical fixtures you have within an electrical box. Of course, this could make it stand out more – so a good way of camouflaging this is through a quick lick of paint.

Invest in Outdoor Furniture

By investing in outdoor furniture, you are adding a wonderful feature to either your front or backyard. Somewhere that you and your loved ones can spend long summer evenings, it‘s well worth the initial investment. However, while it can be stylish, it’s important that you don’t purchase too much of it – making the area look cluttered.

Measure the area before you invest in it, to make sure that the furniture will fit seamlessly into it. Then, to ensure that it looks wonderful throughout the seasons, make sure that you clean it and keep it maintained. For example, if it’s wooden furniture, you may need to prime this so that the wood doesn’t start to rot.

Construct an Arbor

This extraordinary feature is one that many people forget about or think that it’s out of their budget. But an arbor can actually be very affordable – while adding a beautiful feature to your entryway or front yard. Enhancing your home’s exterior in an effortless way, it’s one that everyone should consider.

You could even plant flowers around the base of it, or flowers (such as roses) that will wrap themselves around it. Once it’s built, you can also paint it to match the look of your home.

Build a Bin Store

When people come to visit – whether it be for a viewing or to see you, you don’t want them to be met with the sight or smell of your bins. Therefore, another great way of enhancing your home’s exterior is by building a bin store to place these in. Complete with a cover and a lock, your garbage will be out of sight and mind.

A way of storing your garbage throughout the year, you’ll love the practicality of this addition the moment it’s installed.

Upgrade Your Front Door Decor

Although you might think that wreaths and other front door decor should only be for Christmas, it can be a beautiful feature throughout the year. There is a variety of year-round wreaths available (both from online stores such as Etsy or in physical stores), either made from artificial or preserved flowers. Bringing beauty to your home throughout the seasons, it’s perfect regardless of your home’s exterior.

Give Your House a Wash

Instead of painting your home, why not give your house a wash? This might sound like an odd thing to do, but it’s a great idea if you’re wanting to save money while removing any dirt or grime. All you need to do is to pressure wash it and allow it to dry in the sun. Of course, before doing this, it’s important to know the setting you should put it on, so that you don’t damage the exterior in any way.

But once you know which setting to use, you can go outside and get started. To reach the higher spots, you can either use a ladder or get a professional in to help you.

Install a Birdbath

If you’re looking to add rustic or vintage charm to your home, a birdbath might be just the ticket. A wonderful way of bringing more birds into your front yard, it’s the perfect addition to a porch or flower bed. You can either make your own birdbath out of simple materials, or purchase one for an affordable price.

Not only will the birds love this, but it boosts the attractiveness of your home immediately after you’ve installed it.

Purchase a Unique Door Knocker

A great way of living up your door while adding a bit of your personality, is to purchase a unique door knocker. Nowadays, they are available in different sizes, shapes and designs – meaning that you can easily find one that suits your home. The more creative options that are rapidly growing in popularity, are door knockers with animals on – such as a woodpecker, squirrel or fox.

This should not only match your door, but the rest of the hardware on your door. Adding value and making your home look more welcoming to all that visit, it will spark intrigue instantly.

Final Thoughts

So, there you go! Those are 14 unique ways that you can enhance your home’s exterior. Changes that people often forget about, the moment that you do any of the above you’ll notice a significant difference in the way that your home looks and feels.

Of course, what you choose to do is up to you – and will depend on your personal preferences, along with the budget that you’ve put aside for the changes. But no matter which changes you make, you’ll have a house that’s beautiful and extraordinary in no time at all.


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