14 Functional & Space Saving Built-In Closet Design Ideas

If you want to fully use the space provided for the closet, and thus to achieve and ideal aesthetic solution, the choice will be built-in closet, which is often found under the name “American closet”. These closets are the ideal solution when it comes to fixed (stationary) closet. They are extremely functional and can fit into any room in the home, as the bedroom and in the living room. The outer appearance, dimensions and number of doors in them, can comply with the space intended for the closet. The advantage of built-in closets that are made from floor to ceiling, is that the width is adjusted according to space

The apartments shouldn’t be overcrowded with furniture, and especially with big cabinets or closets. The real solution is built-in closets with sliding doors, which is recommended by a lot designers. These kind of closets can be madeby numerous companies and independent artists. The original American closet is without floor, ceiling and background, and the elements are fitted directly between the walls. The built-in closets are great solution to cover warped walls. Inside the closet is decorated according to the wishes and needs of the buyer. In the closet can be built-in static or sliding shelves, wire or glass drawers, wardrobe bars and lifts, etc. The appearance of the closet, its internal function is a challenge to the creativity of the designer or the buyer.


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