14 Epic Photos That Will Make You Want An Outdoor Shower

The outdoor areas of your home have so much potential but what do they offer to you? Have you considered investing some time and resources on them during the next renovation of your home? It goes without saying that if you do not have well-maintained outdoor areas, you really won’t be able to enjoy them. In fact, without a good patio and a refreshing landscape, you won’t find any reason to spend your time in the outdoor parts of your property. So instead of neglecting these areas and not being able to enjoy them at all, you should think about what you want to do outside, when you’re at home. You can do almost everything that you can do inside, but only if you have the supporting amenities.
Why would you stay confined within four walls when you want to read a book? Do it on your porch hammock while the smooth breeze is caressing your skin. Have your morning cup of coffee in your backyard, awakening to the sound of birds chirping. You can have the family dinner on the backyard deck dining table. You can even have an outdoor shower! It comes especially handy if you’ve got a swimming pool to wash the chlorine off your skin or if you live near the beach, to get the sand off your body before you step inside.

An outdoor shower give a twist to your backyard or garden and it is absolutely not difficult to build, which means it probably won’t cost you much unless you decide to go wild with it. Just imagine coming home on a warm summer day and taking a shower in your garden where your privacy is guaranteed by a refreshing sight, a natural landscape around the outdoor shower, instead of four walls and artificial lighting. It’s certainly something that not a lot of people can do everyday. Will you be one of those who can?

1. Transitional Poolside Shower

2. Stone Creek Camp Rustic Patio

3. Outdoor Shower in the backyard

4. Filter House on Hawaii

5. Beach side outdoor shower

6. Industrial style deck

7. Westwood Backyard Hideaway

8. Tropical Pavillion Home

9. Contemporary outdoor shower in Arizona

10. West Coast Style Cottage

11. Farmhouse in Austin

12. Hawaii Residence

13. Contemporary patio with an outdoor shower

14. Poolside shower in Dallas


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