14 Creative Modern Bathroom Sink Design Ideas

Rare are the lucky ones who can boast that they have a large bathroom in the apartment. However, the small bathroom can be functional and beautiful if you make the most of every corner, decorate it smart and play with colors. From ancient times, man used the bath as a source of water for hand washing. Sink has served as a place to perform certain rituals, was located in the central room of the house. In medieval literature we find informations that show that hand washing was act and sign of good manners.

Nowadays, ceramic sinks received new kinds, different dimensions and shapes. Modern sinks can be narrow and long, but also a large, rectangular, round, like a bowl on a wooden base or like a shallow plate on the glass substrate. This sanitation part usually is in white and like this it acts very normally. They may be in the form of fish, with the addition of the built-in cabinets, the marble slabs or the fluorescent base. There are so many kinds of modern sinks, you just need to find some design that will fit the rest of your bathroom decor.


Image via Mike Kelley


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