14 Beautiful Attic Living Rooms For Real Enjoyment

If you want to create cozy living room for real enjoyment with your family and friends, you can create it in your unused attic. We believe that everyone can enjoy the ambiance that is offered by the attic. If it is sufficiently wide and high, you can put almost everything inside, and its purpose can indeed be different. But decorating an attic is not so easy task, special attention must be paid to functionality, because it is very important to use properly every part of it.

This venture is a challenge even for the experts dealing with this matter. Whether it’s a whole apartment located in the attic, or just parts, every idea for functional interior of this space is always welcomed, and that’s why we made this gallery with different solutions from numerous architects, in hope that some of them will inspire you. Take a look at these living rooms with sloped ceilings and find some inspiration.


Image via Jeff Hobson Photography


Image via B Fein Interiors


Image via Hart Design And Construction


Image via TACT Design


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