12 Outstanding Scandinavian Homes With Green Roofs That Look As Fabulous

Scandinavians undoubtedly adore their natural and green roofs. They loved them so much that even have a competition each year to select the most beautiful green roof project in Scandinavia. But there is another reason why they prefer this trend so much … Not only it is a beautiful decoration for the house, but there are many social, environmental and financial benefits of green roofs. They absorb the rain, with their help there are lower prices for heating in winter and for cooling in summer, they can provide insulation and are long durable. Keeping all this in mind, do not you wish you own such a design for your home?

In our photo gallery below, you can see some beautiful examples of Scandinavian homes with green roofs that look like from a fairy tale. These fascinating designs make them unique and astonishing. Now take look in our fascinating collection of 12 Outstanding Scandinavian Homes With Green Roofs That Look As Fabulous, and you will see many outstanding examples that will leave you speechless. Enjoy in our collection!


Tags: green roof, green roof home, Scandinavian homes

Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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