12 Innovative & Fun Bookshelves for The Child’s Room

Bookshelves today can be more complex modern than they are normally. Designers today have very interesting ideas that turn into very interesting shelves, that everyone wanted in their working corner or room. Practical, interesting and such that must be focal point in the space. The classic shelves as in the library are already seen and boring, where the books are neatly arranged. In an unusual bookshelves, also books have their schedule, but the difference is only in the form of shelves, which can be in the form of Tangra or to imitate a large branch on which are stacked books.

The shelf looks very interesting as decoration. Bookshelves do not always have to be at right angles, and just this irregularity causes playfulness on the wall. The kids room can have shelves in the form of some animal, where inside will be stacked books. Shelves in the kids room have a special place, in addition to its practical function, it is very important and their decorative function. If you are a traditionalist and your child wants a completely different bookshelves in its room, below you can find some creative ideas of some interesting book shelves to make the best version of your children’s room.


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