12 Beautiful Velvet Sofa Designs For Every Home Style

A home is not cozy home if you don’t have some beautiful piece of furniture where you can relax after a long stressful day. The sofa is perfect solution for daily relaxation in every living room. Fabrics have a strong role in creating the desired atmosphere in the space. The difference in the texture and structure of the material, creates a different visual effects and sense of touch that differently affect our mood, especially in textiles pieces of furniture that we spend a lot of time during the day, such as, for example, the sofa.

Velvet is extremely soft and warm fabric to the touch. It can be made of silk, cotton or wool, artificial fibers or a combination of natural and artificial fibers. Velvet like fabric creates an interesting visual metallic effect of light and shadow. The sofa can be upholstered the whole, but can also be used as a material in some pieces, armchair or pillows. Because of the elegance, it is an excellent material for the bedroom, as well for making extravagant pieces of furniture.


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