10 Trendy Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Have you ever been in a situation where it seems as if the colors around are telling a story? Though an average American likes a white kitchen cabinet, which is cool, but wouldn’t you delight in a great blend of colors that remind you of so many beautiful things!

Colors are magical. They can improve your mood, raise your excitement and even lighten up dull places in your kitchen. Try a blend of two or more colors on your kitchen cabinet and see how amazing it can be.

Forget about your “white is simple” theology, and let’s explore 10 wonderful color blends that will work for your kitchen cabinet.

1. Blue and White

Blue and white is really great. Depending on the kind of blue it is, it can easily give off a sense of royalty. Moreover, the brightness of blue helps to keep you in the right mood always

2. Barn Red and Sage Green

This color combo is quite attractive. Try alternating the colors from object to object within the kitchen perimeter, and you’ll be surprised at how beautiful your kitchen will appear.

Paint some cabinets with Barn Red and the others with sage green alternatively, but leave the slabs and cabinet-tops, the ceiling, and the floor in wood-brown color, so that it doesn’t look too Christmas-like.

3. Leaf Green and White

Another really attractive blend of colors, especially for lovers of nature. Paint the entire kitchen white, but that’s not all. Paint the island cabinet at the center green. To the entirely white kitchen, brilliantly add green objects including flowers to do justice to the color combo.

4. Dove and White

It can make a really big difference when you combine these two colors. Dove is gentle and white is peace (the way people take them to mean literally), but it can really surround you with a peaceful and calm ambience.

5. Bold Blue and Soft Blue

Even if you’re not a fan of blue, this color combo will still appeal to you. Use the bold blue on the central island cabinet, but use the soft blue on the perimeter cabinets in the kitchen. For optimal satisfaction, leave the ceiling, the slabs and the ground white.

6. Sea Blue and Sky Blue

With two shades of blue, try decorating the island at the centre of the kitchen with the deep-blue color of the ocean, but the cabinets in the entire perimeter of your kitchen with sky-blue.

If you want to really do justice to this color combo, place white slabs on the cabinet, and paint the walls and other unpainted parts white too β€” that’s beauty unlimited.

7. Bright Red, White and Midnight Black

Spatially distribute black and white colors on all the cabinets in the kitchen. Leave the island at the centre red with a white (patterned or non-patterned) slab over it.

You can leave the ceiling white and the floor wood-brown to add some more taste to the combo.

8. Lemon and Lime

These two colors can really give you a great deal of satisfaction when combined. You can paint your cabinets within the perimeter of the kitchen lime, paint the walls lemon, and also paint the island lemon.

Interestingly, you’d also like the color design if you reverse the painting pattern.

9. Deep Aqua and White

If you leave your kitchen all white, you can lose out on the sensitive details in your kitchen. Try adding a tinge of deep aqua to make a lot of difference.

Outline your kitchen cabinets and the ceiling with deep aqua blue, also paint the doors, slabs, and the floor with deep aqua blue, and you’ll be surprised to find creating beauty is not as difficult.

10. Faint Gray and Algae Blue

For a minimalistic individual who doesn’t delight in loud colors, this is a perfect fit. You can leave the ceiling and the walls of the kitchen perimeter white, while the perimeter cabinets are painted grey.

It makes a lot of sense painting the island cabinet with greenish blue. To complement the color blend, you can leave the floor light brown or white.

There’s no limit to how creative you can be with combining colors. Sometimes, really great color combos come from very interesting ideas people had but acted on. Don’t limit yours too.

And if you are not sure which color of cabinet suits you, www.rtacabinetsupply.com sells samples so you can make a better choice.


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